The Spectrum Data Manager is the heart of the Spectrum System by Telescan. The Data Manager controls access to all client information and system configuration parameters, combining a high performance database server with a full range of networking and reporting capabilities.
>>An historical database of messages, call records and system utilization is maintained for instant access and reporting.

Spectrum Data Manager interacts with Spectrum Prism® to validate and route incoming calls. As an agent takes a call, the Data Manager provides the Spectrum Agent Workstation with all the client information required to process the call. As messages and orders are taken and dispatched, they are automatically faxed, emailed or alpha paged to your clients via Spectrum Communications Server.

>> Numerous statistical reports are available to analyze system utilization and operator productivity.

Spectrum Data Manager gives you:


  • Standards-based hardware and software
  • TCP/IP networking
  • Automated backups
  • Mirrored hard drives*
  • Hot-swappable power supplies*


  • Grow to over a hundred operators
  • Hundreds of call paths
  • A million active messages
  • Unlimited archiving


  • Automated messaging and dispatch
  • Time-zone support per account
  • Remote agents
  • Integrated Scripting
  • Optional On-Call scheduling
  • Optional Instant Messaging
  • Highly flexible operator capabilities


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