Keeping Your Business in Business With a Phoenix

Last year was a record year for tornadoes. In 2011 there were 1,691 tornadoes reported across the country, breaking many storm records including greatest number of tornadoes in a single month (758 in April) and the greatest daily total (200 on April 27). Joplin, Missouri, saw one of the deadliest tornados in recent memory with 160 deaths. What will this year bring? Tornadoes? Hurricanes? Earthquakes? Who knows? It only takes a good thunderstorm to knock out your TAS system. How long would a major event keep your business down?

One answer to this dilemma is Telescan’s Phoenix Back-Up Server. Edwards Answering Service Enterprises, Vernon, Connecticut, is one of many Telescan users who worry less about disaster because they have installed the Phoenix Back-Up Server. Gary Edwards, owner of Edwards Answering Service is a bit of a pioneer with Telescan and loves to try new things. He’s always looking for better ways to backup his valuable data, so when Telescan introduced the Phoenix Back-Up Server he wanted to try it.

“The Phoenix Back-Up Server copies real-time data from our three production servers to the backup server,” says Ron Wendus, Sales & Client Relations Manager for Edwards. “If one of the production servers would go out, we can bring up the information on the Phoenix Back-Up Server. It gives us a seamless operation even if the server goes down, without losing any data.”

Unfortunately, Edwards had an opportunity to test the Phoenix Back-Up server. “One of our communications servers stopped working," said Ron. “It’s crucial because it provides faxes, instant messaging, emails, and text messaging. When it’s down we can’t communicate to clients or our operators. It went down one time about a year ago. All we had to do was bring up the window for the Phoenix Back-Up Server and we were back in business. Without the Phoenix, we could have been down for a couple of days.”

“This means a lot to our business,” said Ron. “We tell our clients we are always there, 24/7/365 and we take great pride in keeping that promise. If we fail, if we have to be out of service for any amount of time, we could lose clients. The Phoenix Back-Up server helps us deliver on that promise, and keep our clients. In addition it saves us money because we don’t have to buy parts and put them on the shelf in case of an emergency. “

If you want to know more about the Phoenix Back-Up Server, call Telescan at 800-770-7662, or Patty at 314-616-2445 or