Virtual Observer Enhances Quality Control


One the most exciting new specialty products from Telescan is Virtual Observer, a secure call recording and quality monitoring solution for TAS businesses and call centers. It allows you to record customer interactions throughout your business and give you the ability to leverage those recordings for employee development and training. Virtual Observer will help you identify training needs, reduce agent turnover and improve customer satisfaction at a surprisingly low cost. Several Telescan users have had great success with Virtual Observer. Two satisfied Telescan users are A Quality Answering Service and Edwards Answering Service.


Judy Vincent, owner of A Quality Answering Service in Hudson, Florida, installed Virtual Observer in April of 2011 with her new Telescan system. She has found that it solves many questions in their call taking process. Judy said, “Labor is a huge issue in this business and we need to make sure our operators are saying the right things and making people feel comfortable. Virtual Observer along with the Telescan Voice Logger allows us to clarify and verify operator calls by hearing and watching what they are typing into the messages. The voice and video monitoring are wonderful training tools. This process allows us to verify with the operators that they are using the “please” and “thank you” that is required on all calls. Virtual Observer helps us keep our call quality level where it should be.”


Edwards Answering Service in Vernon, Connecticut, was the first Telescan user to install Virtual Observer. They have been using it now for three years. Ron Wendus said before Virtual Observer, they could only monitor calls through audio recording. Now they can see screens and video and hear how an operator handles a call.


“Virtual Observer has given us the ability to monitor operators more closely and implement a detailed quality control plan,” Ron said. “We do it now on every pay period. We can give operators detailed feedback on how well they’re doing or what areas they need to improve. We can actually show them the video. This tool makes us better. It’s a great training tool and a great evaluation tool.”


Virtual Observer is not just for Telescan users. It works on many TAS systems. If you want to improve your call monitoring, ask Patty about Virtual Observer. You can contact Patty at 314-616-2445 or