Prism II provides a powerful and flexible soft-switching solution for the Spectrum System, a system that has a record of service to the telephone answering service industry. Spectrum Prism II® is a modular replacement for the Spectrum Prism platform. The new Prism II is an entirely software-based switch built around Asterisk, a widely used open source framework for building communications solutions.

Prism II provides the option for a fully integrated voice logger as well as support for integrated voice mail. With enhancements to the scheduling Prism II provides a much more flexible approach to managing the scheduling of pre-screening announcements. Prism II has no need for telephony boards, which gives Prism II the ability to increase its call handling capacity without adding hardware. The absence of telephony boards also means lower maintenance costs and improved backup and recovery options. 


Spectrum Prism II® gives you:

  • Increase its call handling capacity without adding hardware
  • Software based solution
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved backup and recovery options
  • Superior audio quality and faster call set-up
  • Routing flexibility to any outgoing signaling format or device
  • Powerful call routing features by station, client group or skill level
  • Real-time monitoring and activity logs


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