Spectrum On-Call Scheduler will track your clients’ complex schedules so that messages can be relayed accurately, day and night. It drastically reduces the time to manage client schedules by allowing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules to be prepared in advance, along with contact information. And with Telescan’s Spectrum Information Server, your clients can manage their own schedules over the Web, further reducing the workload for your office.

As calls are processed, your agent is instantly and automatically provided access to the current on-call information. With a few keystrokes or mouse clicks, messages are dispatched accurately and efficiently to your client.

Spectrum On-Call Scheduling allows:

  • Instant notification of appropriate account contact people using their desired contact methods
  • Call agents to contact on-call personnel without errors
  • Your clients to easily manage and distribute an on-call schedule several months in advance
  • Agents to easily deliver messages to the appropriate contact person
  • Your clients to instantly update or make changes to their on-call schedules with minimal administrative effort


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